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Synergy in Motion

ATHLETIFREAK is excited to share that we’ll be featured in upcoming IRONMAN athlete villages and Rock 'n' Roll Expos across the country. United by a commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of greatness; this partnership is fueled by a freakish passion for pushing limits and celebrating the indomitable human spirit. 

IM Ironman: A Celebration of Resilience

“My life before Athletifreak consisted of 20+ years of working corporate...When not working or with family, I was constantly seeking out my next physical challenge."  says Mo, Co-founder of Athletifreak. 
During one of their corporate relocation house-hunting weekends in the heart of Austin, Texas, Mo spotted groups of men and women identical ‘intriguing’ tattoos. “They all shared this aura of being insanely healthy,” says Mo. “I couldn’t avoid asking what it was.” This fit group of strangers told him they were Ironman athletes, and with a quick Google search, Mo became obsessed. 
Fast forward to a summer morning in 2015, Mo, an Indian-American corporate leader, with no prior endurance training, found himself on the precipice of embarking on his first Ironman journey–a grueling 140.6- mile race. His family and friends dubbed him a ‘Freak,’ but for Mo, it became a badge of honor.
With a 4am stroke of divine intervention, Mo and his wife, Noor, were inspired to build a brand that celebrates the positive side of being freakishly passionate; a brand that celebrates the positivity of movement. Athletifreak was born from Mo and Noor’s shared vision to embrace challenges, uplift the community, and ignite the fire within every individual to achieve greatness.

“Everyone asks me what the next race is that I'm training for.  I train for life. It's not just the body; it's the mind. I train to believe. No matter the challenge – fatigue, uphill climbs, headwinds, pain – belief in myself and the next step makes the impossible possible. Just believe, then work for it."

- Mo, Co-founder of Athletifreak


The Ironman Triathlon – 3.8km swim, 180km bike, and 42.2km run – is a legendary test of endurance demanding grit, resilience, and unwavering determination. Yet Ironman represents more than supreme athletic prowess; it fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. An Ironman isn’t just a race, but a journey where ordinary people reach extraordinary heights, fueled by the support of friends, family, and fellow athletes who are by their side every step of the way. 

Mo's Lighting Round: High-Octane Q&A

Go-to snack for a boost of energy? 
"I’m old school, bananas and water are my go-to. Although I’ll be honest, I love the little gummy blocks. It’s like eating candy on a run, a total win-win!"

Best time to run? 
"Must be a trick question-- all day, anytime, any day. Within that, I love mornings.  There’s a special sense of accomplishment when it’s only 8am and you already have 10,12,15 miles behind you. Best part is the breakfast that follows."

What goes through your mind as you approach the starting line of an Ironman? 
"You just soak it in. The energy is electric, so much positivity. The national anthem is always emotional. I love the hug and kiss that I get from my family before getting out there. It’s a wicked build up of emotion that eventually culminates with a tranquil moment of absolute stillness - and then you just GO!"

Can you share a particularly challenging moment during the race and how you pushed through it? 
"The challenges are all in your head and they can haunt you throughout, if you let them. Focus on the positive, find rhythm, and have fun … There's nothing challenging about that."

Gear Up & Crush Your Goals

When you're gearing up to tackle triathlons, your choice of gear is the secret sauce to success. Think [CORE] training shorts that hug your every move with comfort, [INFINITECH] tanks that breathe life into your run with their ventilation and sweat-banishing mojo. Top it off with the [MAESTRO] Performance Cap to deflect blazing rays while letting your dome breathe. 
But hey, don't sleep on the sock game! D.Feet The Odds socks keep blisters at bay while you conquer mile after mile. Dive into our stash of training shorts, tanks, and socks—crafted with tech so advanced, it's practically superhero gear. After conquering that final lap, wrap yourself in plush recovery with our [ULTRALUX] Signature Hoodie
Elevate your game and let's smash records together.




[ 05/17 ] CHATTANOOGA, TN // IRONMAN 70.3 & FULL
[ 05/31 ] SAN DIEGO, CA // ROCK 'N' ROLL
[ 06/21 ] MONT TREMBLANT, QC, CA // IRONMAN 70.3
[ 06/30 ] HAPPY VALLEY, PA // IRONMAN 70.3
[ 10/05 ] SAN JOSE, CA  // ROCK 'N' ROLL
[ 12/17 ] SAN ANTONIO, TX // ROCK 'N' ROLL
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