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ATHLETIFREAK is a Luxury Lifestyle brand representing our Freakish Passion for Movement.

Founded in 2021, in the Hills of Basking Ridge, NJ by Husband-Wife duo, Mo & Noor, Athletifreak celebrates the energy and greatness that lies within us all.

Built on the premise that our love for sport is a uniting force which transcends boundaries and disciplines. Be it a Triathlete, Yogi, Golfer, Crossfitter, Runner or Dancer - While we may practice & compete in different arenas, We ignite from the same energy -- The Pregame butterflies, The sweet pain of the grind, The wicked attention to detail, The intense passion and heightened emotion, The heartbreak of defeat, and That sweetness of celebration.

Fueled by positivity and strength of community, Our Vision is to inspire a collective well-being by empowering Movement today to unleash a healthier tomorrow. More than a brand, Athletifreak is a Mentality, a Community and a Lifestyle that celebrates your freakish passion for movement.

" We all have a fire within. Our calling is to dig deep, harness that energy and Unleash the light into our daily grind”

Our Story

Born from a freakish passion for movement…

Circa 2015 - Austin, TX

4am on a summer morning, with 8 weeks to go for his first IRONMAN event, Mo was reflecting on being referred to as a ‘Freak’. For an Indian-American corporate leader with an average build and no prior endurance training, a 140.6 mile race [for fun] was considered absurd and impossible.

Thriving in the comfort of discomfort in pursuit of achieving a feat beyond his current capacity was considered ‘Freakish’. 6 years and thousands of miles stronger, he continues to ignite from the designation - and thus the energy behind Athletifreak.

Noor - the creative force fueling the brand, shares the same wicked drive albeit in a different arena. She is a multi-hyphenate design aficionado, a dynamic thinker and a successful entrepreneur. With an innate eye for detail and obsession for quality, she continuously challenges the status quo and strives for excellence.

Harnessing the power of diversity and born from that freakish passion for movement, Mo and wife, Noor - gave life to the vision of Athletifreak. Together they raise 2 Athletifreaks, are positivity junkies, and spiritual gangsters - always seizing the moment to Ignite, Unleash, and Inspire.

It’s not a hobby - it’s a Mentality.

Mo + Noor Wadhwani

Noor Wadhwani
CEO, Head of Design & Innovation

Noor Wadhwani is the co-founder and creative force behind Athletifreak. She has a multi-disciplinary design background in fashion, space, and graphic design from India. Balancing dual identities culturally and as a Mom/Entrepreneur - Noor's design philosophy harnesses the duality of intentionality with fluidity, minimalism with edge, raw yet refined. Her passion for design and WickedAF attention to detail continues to drive Athletifreak forward. She loves coffee, chocolate, and spending time with her family.

Mo Wadhwani

Mo Wadhwani is the co-founder of Athletifreak. Prior to embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, he was a successful corporate executive leading high performing organizations in driving growth, managing M&A activities, and business transformation. Mo embodies the AF mentality as a passionate endurance athlete. His mentality is simple - Be CommittedAF; and his 'why' is even simpler - ‘Greatness Lies Within’. He embraces wellness as a lifestyle simply because he absolutely loves it. He enjoys coffee, dark chocolate, and writing in his free time.