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New Year Message

New Year Message


From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for making 2023 an incredible year. We are three days into 2024 and engines at the AF HQ are fired up. Reflecting back, a few words that encompass what 2023 meant to us:

 Pressure Testing. Rewarding. Inspiring. Gratitude.

 We’d be lying if we said it was easy! We’re talking 4 years of 208 consecutive 100+ hour work weeks in the making. Fatigue is a very real and dark side of entrepreneurship! Our values, vision, and strategy were constantly pressure tested.  We often questioned if what we were trying to accomplish as a wife & husband run business, was something impossible. It was in those moments that we'd receive your messages – sharing how Athletifreak represents You, and how proud You were to represent Athletifreak. That is exactly why our brand exists -  to celebrate your uncompromising commitment to the grind.  Daily - you, me, and all of us are pressure tested in our own walks of life - it is our relentlessness that propels us forward.  In community we discover our strength. In community we rise up.

For this, we are Grateful!

There is nothing more rewarding than stepping back and witnessing a seemingly impossible 4am vision manifest into reality. Some highlights we're particularly proud of in 2023: 

  • Our saw AF community grow  to 40,000+ strong
  • One of NJ’s fastest growing companies
  • Noor was honored to be recognized as a "40 under 40 recipient"
  • From a single hoodie, we have evolved into a Brand offering innovative gear from Head-to-Toe, across 300+ products
  • We opened 3, Yes 3, retail locations - under one year!  BRICK I, BRICK II, and BRICK III are stacked!
  • The AF Team grew from just two to a remarkable 30 team members

For this, we are Grateful!

One thing is certain - every message received from you, every time we see ATHLETIFREAK represented out in the wild, and every time we see you encourage one another to be better - we are inspired! 

As a brand and as humans, our number one priority is to inspire others. To realize that our Greatness Lies Within,  and Unleash it. So whether it was by sweating with us at our Community Events, or when you wore your favorite AF gear and overcame the odds, by an encouraging post, a conversation about the AF Mentality, or observing a NJ family-founded brand grow - we truly hope that we were able to bring inspiration to you in 2023. We are committed for this to be our continued mission going forward.

For this, we are Grateful!

2023 was a very special year where we established a foundation.  Brick by Brick we build and that is what we will continue to do in 2024.  To the New Year with some WickedAF New Gear.  More designs to elevate with, more races with PR’s and many more training sessions that only you will ever know about!

We wish you a very Happy New Year. May you seek and find your greatness within - it is yours to discover.

From The Athletifreak Team and us
Happy New Year!

- Noor & Mo

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